Yiannis Toumazis

Director – Head of Business Development (BSc, MRICS)

Yiannis graduated from University of Reading with a degree in Quantity Surveying and began his career working as a Quantity Surveyor in the UK at Gardiner & Theobald LLP, one of the largest consultancies globally. In 2014 he successfully became a member of the RICS. In his final year in the UK, he worked as a Fund Monitor advising high profile banking institutions (including Lloyds and HSBC) on the security and stability of their financial investments in developments.

Following his RICS membership in 2014, he relocated to Los Angeles, California where he worked as a Senior Cost Manager on a variety of projects ranging from residential luxury mansions (+$100mil) to hospitality and retail projects of international clients.

Yiannis’ focus is on providing outstanding service and bringing value to the client. His personable approach and multi-faceted experience is a valuable addition to any project.