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Quantity Surveying & Cost Management


Quantity Surveying (Cost Management & Monitoring) is the core of our services and the foundation upon which the company was built. Our independent standing allows us to provide impartial and fair advice, delivering the appropriate solutions to protect our clients’ interests and optimize value on their investments.

By becoming fully and actively integrated at the early stages of the design process, we strive to bring an innovative approach to the all-important cost function, establishing its relative priority and instilling a cost discipline process within the design team to assist with design development leading to a final ‘value for money’ design solution which is on cost target.

We provide specialist advice on construction costs enabling the establishment of realistic budgets, design solutions and cost monitoring.

Our service includes:

Design Stage - Cost Planning

Preliminary cost advice to establish project viability and a robust baseline

Approximate Estimating and cost planning to proactively manage construction costs

Optimizing cost performance at every stage using our extensive benchmarking data

Identifying potential risks and ways to mitigate them

Tendering Stage

Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements

Preparation of tender documents (Preliminaries, Bill of Quantities, etc.)

Selection of contractors and obtaining tenders

Tender/Bid Evaluation & Reporting

Post-Contract Stage

Valuation of work in progress (Interim Valuations)

Cost monitoring/management of variations (Change Orders/Variations Assessment)

Final account settlement