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Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness


When conflict arises between parties involved in construction, they require clear, impartial, expert advice and potentially testimony to help resolve disputes. Time and money are the main reasons of disagreements – areas in which we have extensive expertise.

Value is achieved through our advice on the avoidance, management and resolution of domestic and international construction and engineering disputes. Our seasoned experts have substantial experience working with an array of clients from private individuals and small domestic businesses to multinational conglomerates. Throughout their long working career they have seen several disputes and conflicts, and have gathered the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to deal with them accordingly.

Consulting with our team through the construction stage of a project, the client is able to anticipate, prevent or minimise programme and cost overruns. We conduct all business in strict confidence due to the sensitive nature of the work we do.

Dispute resolution

Project audit

Claims preparation and defense

Contractual matters

Expert testimony