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Quantity Surveying (Cost Management & Monitoring) is the core of our services and the foundation upon which the company was built. Our independent standing allows us to provide impartial and fair advice, delivering the appropriate solutions to protect our clients’ interests and optimize value on their investments.

By becoming fully and actively integrated at the early stages of the design process, we strive to bring an innovative approach to the all-important cost function, establishing its relative priority and instilling a cost discipline process within the design team to assist with design development leading to a final ‘value for money’ design solution which is on cost target.

We provide specialist advice on construction costs enabling the establishment of realistic budgets, design solutions and cost monitoring.

Our service includes:

Design Stage – Cost Planning

Preliminary cost advice to establish project viability and a robust baseline

Approximate Estimating and cost planning to proactively manage construction costs

Optimizing cost performance at every stage using our extensive benchmarking data

Identifying potential risks and ways to mitigate them

Tendering Stage

Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements

Preparation of tender documents (Preliminaries, Bill of Quantities, etc.)

Selection of contractors and obtaining tenders

Tender/Bid Evaluation & Reporting

Post-Contract Stage

Final account settlement

Cost monitoring/management of variations (Change Orders/Variations Assessment)

Valuation of work in progress (Interim Valuations)


Our role is to act as an independent monitor for a party that has a direct interest in the successful completion of a project, but who has no direct control over its delivery. We coordinate with lenders, their lawyers and valuers at every stage of a development ensuring they have a good understanding of the construction aspects of a project in order to weigh up the risks that might have an impact on their loans. Our Development Monitoring experts advise when costs can be drawn down against the loan facility, and on the adequacy of the remaining undrawn loan to cover the forecast cost to complete. Every project is led by one of our senior employees from our highly experienced dedicated team who have exceptional understanding of funder requirements.

Our service includes:

Risk identification and recommendations for mitigation and management

Initial report and ongoing progress reporting providing commentary, and independent opinion and recommendations

Cashflow Analysis to allow for a more accurate spending schedule

Verification of expenditure and approval of drawdowns

Early warning of potential issues and recommendations for resolution

Ongoing financial reporting to keep track of project status

Review of distressed projects and recommendations of recovery strategies


Our project managers collaborate closely with our Cost Management teams and capitalize fully on our global experience to deliver measurable benefits for our clients. We share a passion for delivery and drive transparency across all the pre and post contract stages in managing and controlling the delivery of the programme or project to its key KPIs of risk, cost, programme and quality.

By engaging an independent Project Manager, the Client ensures that the expected project performance is achieved, and concurrently saves time that could be used to invest in their own business. The project manager will be handling the details of construction processes, alleviating that time pressure from the Client or their employees who would be detracted from their main responsibilities.

Our service includes:

Liaison with Employer and Design team

Coordination on obtaining the necessary legal documents and permits prepared by Architects

Managing tender documentation (Drawings/Specifications/Bills of Quantities)

Total Budget estimates

Financial Control and Budget Monitoring

Value Engineering


When conflict arises between parties involved in construction, they require clear, impartial, expert advice and potentially testimony to help resolve disputes. Time and money are the main reasons of disagreements – areas in which we have extensive expertise.

Value is achieved through our advice on the avoidance, management and resolution of domestic and international construction and engineering disputes. Our seasoned experts have substantial experience working with an array of clients from private individuals and small domestic businesses to multinational conglomerates. Throughout their long working career they have seen several disputes and conflicts, and have gathered the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to deal with them accordingly.

Consulting with our team through the construction stage of a project, the client is able to anticipate, prevent or minimise programme and cost overruns. We conduct all business in strict confidence due to the sensitive nature of the work we do.

Dispute resolution

Project audit

Claims preparation and defense

Contractual Matters

Expert Testimony